Local internet marketing consultant

Through WSI PPC technology and a team of dedicated local internet marketing experts, WSI Adworks offers local businesses a robust set of services to ensure the success of local Internet advertising campaigns. This success will lead to dominance of your web space with PPC technology.

WSI Internet Consultants are experts in search engine advertising and know how the major search engine advertising programs such as Google AdWords, Yahoo, MSN and AOL can be leveraged to make money for local and regional businesses.

We can also help small businesses by writing great ad copy for your web site, develop content through keyword research that will attract customers to your business. Our reports will show where marketing expenditures are being utilized. We market effectively and where opportunities exist to improve overall campaign performance.

Local internet marketing specialists

WSI ICs are dedicated to you. We will learn your business and help you dominate your Internet space. And we will be there for you to provide sound advice on growing your business, and using the local Internet and our technology to make you money.

Who knew that local Internet marketing could be this easy? We did.

WSI Local Adworks Services

  • Internet media planning
  • Search-engine keyword selection
  • Bid management and campaign optimization
  • Phone tracking and call recording
  • Online reporting

WSI IC Expertise

  • Google AdWords Authorized Reseller
  • Yahoo! Local Match Ambassador
  • MSN AdCenter Experts
  • Geo-targeting specialists

Our goal is for you to Dominate Your Web Space and Make Money for your company using our PPC technology.


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